Eastern European Beauty Kyla Cole

  • Chest: 34D
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Turn Ons: A sincere, confident man, who's amusing and likes sex in public
  • Turn Offs: Liars, arrogant people
  • Interests: Sex, reading, roller coasters
  • Hometown: The Czech Republic

Kyla Cole

It might defy your sense of reality but not your sense of fantsy: those shocking blue eyes are real. The eyes are the exclamation point on a world-class Slavic beauty. Coy, sensual, radiating a strong intelligent magnetism, at twenty-three years old Kyla has already posed for Cheri, Oui, and was a Penthouse Pet in March 2000. Just like her alluring eyes Kyla's career promises to keep soaring in the future. Kyla currently makes Prague her home and thoroughly enjoys all of the city's historical charm. With only a handful of women in the world who can equal her beauty, Kyla is definitely in a class of her own.

An exclusive interview

What’s your name and where are you from?
— "Kyla Cole and I'm from Slovakia in Europe"

What’s the best thing about your profession as a model?
— "I love meeting new interesting people from all over the world. As a model I travel quite a bit and I have a lot of opportunities to do so."

Tell us about your work and what it has done for you?
— "My work is interesting, sexy, a lot of fun. I have traveled to many exotic countries. I feel so free. I consider nudity as something natural although I admit I used to be quite shy before I started nude modeling. I was dating a guy and his room's walls were full of beauti ful naked women's posters. I wanted to be comparable to them. So I called some agencies and did it. That happened when I was almost twenty. I'm happy and quite successful with what I'm doing. I'm doing it for all the menwho appreciate beauty. If god wanted me to be for one man only why would he create such a beautiful women? It took me one year to make it to the covers of more then thirty Glamour magazines all over the world. And countless times as a feature…"

Is there any particular color that you think flatters you most ?
— "I like almost every color. Especially yellow, orange, red, blue, green…Mostly warm ones because I love sun, summer, holidays, sea…"

Tell us one of you favorite pastimes?
— "I am big gourmet. I appreciate good meals and I often cook for my self. I could say cooking is my favorite hobby. I find it amusing and the biggest pleasure is to hear compliments from the people that taste it how good the food was.”

Would you consider yourself sporty in anyway and if so what do you do?
— "Yes I love Running, swimming, SCUBA diving, hiking, mountain bike riding…"

What did you do prior to modeling?
— "I studied fashion design at the high school. We used to paint there many things as a part of the course."

What’s your thought on having children and family?
— "They are the biggest joy and pleasure in one's life."

So tell us, seeing as how you are a lot of men’s fantasies who did you fantasize about?
— "As a teenager I felt in love with an actor starring in French movie "Big blue". My love seemed to be endless. The movie remained my favorite up today."

You’ve made your career around sex and being sexy , tell us why?
— "Sex is an important part of my life. Everybody is having sex…OK, perhaps not everyone. I remember a guy who managed not to masturbate throughout one whole summer. And of course he did not have sex either… I personally masturbate couple of times a day, even when there is a man to be with. I found out men like to watch me doing it. Why not when it gives me so much pleasure? I do not remember my first kiss. But I remember the first time having sex. Well…it's not even so long ago. I had sex for the very first time when I was 19 years old. I was waiting for the "right guy" I guess. Anyway waiting paid. It was beautiful. Of course it hurt a little but the pleasure took over. He was caring, gentle. I loved sex right away. I realized what I had been missing and started to experience more…I am willing to try almost anything. I love doing it at public places, anytime I feel like to and when a man is at hand. I am bisexual. Women arouse burning desire inside of me. Sex with another women is so soft, gentle and so hot. Two girls licking each other's love fluids is an imagination turning me on instantly. The truth is, however, I cannot complain about having and feeling a man's penis inside of me neither. It does not matter how big it is. The only thing that counts is how well the man can use it…."

What are your Dislikes?
— "Not too many things. The only thing I can think of is being alone. I am social party girl who never refuses invitation to a party…"